Social Media Update

Hi guys,

Just an update. We have created a new twitter page for Keyforge Club which can be found at the top and bottom of each page using the twitter icons. We have also spoke to the growing Keyforge UK facebook group who are happy for us to link up our icon to the community.

There’s plenty of info and discussion going on in there so if you found us online through another means, please check out both social media formats.

Lastly we have linked together with one of our great authors Leigh. He currently has over 1200 followers on instagram with his account tea_time_gaming. He does a lot of uploads on his CCG, as well as board game passions and will certainly be uploading plenty of pics with Keyforge in mind. Look out for our Keyforge pre-launch pics being uploaded Saturday.

Thanks for getting involved guys.

Daniel James

Daniel James

Avid Gamer

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