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In Keyforge you take on the role of an Archon who are natives of an artificial planet called the Crucible, created by the mysterious Architects. As an Archon, you battle against other Archons to unearth the secrets, knowledge and powers of the Architects that are held within the vaults of the Crucible. You, the player, and Archon, lead a team (represented by your unique deck) of creatures, artefacts, items and special abilities that are comprised of 3 of the 7 houses. With this team, your aim is to gain the required aember to forge 3 keys that will unlock the vaults and reveal the secrets, knowledge and power of the Architects within. Here is a brief lore overview of the 7 houses of Keyforge.

House Brobnar are made up of war clans that originated from trolls and giant orc like creatures, drawing a lot of inspiration from barbarians and Vikings. The giants of Brobnar mention transcending to a mythical place known as Vanhalla, an obvious equivalent to Valhalla within Norse mythology. Brobnar’s technologies, society and ideals are basically built around brute strength and raw power.

Dis is very much a world between worlds and is located between the current layer of the Crucible and the old layer. Dis is a spiritual realm of suffering and evil and is most comparable to Hell. The demons and creatures within Dis have built labyrinth like tunnels that are littered with furnaces and prisons, which are used to incarcerate the poor souls of their victims.

The Logos are the most technologically superior and scientifically advanced houses on the Crucible. Their origins are largely unknown as they have slowly replaced their body parts over time with tech and machinery to become a race of robots. Logos are very accepting of any race if they have a brilliant mind. The way they see it they will soon shed their flesh in favour of tech and machinery anyway. The logos value and prioritise the collection of data and information above everything else.

House Mars are very much based on classic sci-fi Martians and little green men of movie, literature and other media. The Martian empire fell around 200 years ago, what was left of this race moved to the Crucible. House Mars is the purest in terms of race as it is made up of just little green men.

Floating above ground are idyllic, picturesque islands with beautiful waterfalls and an abundance of gorgeous plant life. These floating islands are home to the angel like knights of house Sanctum, who defend their paradise. These warriors are righteous and pure and are comparable to real world knights of the crusade. The knights are represented with glowing yellow auras around them which look like halos. These auras are some kind of energy that powers their weapons and armour.

Originally a clan of elves, the Shadows do not have a specified location on the Crucible, but they are rather scattered thorough out the world. Shadows are made up of assassins, thieves, pickpockets and other rogue-type characters that are a melting pot of races. The shadows are connected by their beliefs and morals rather than a specific location or race.

The Untamed are made up of creatures and beings that are not related to or part of any clans, nations or houses. Some are wild creatures that roam the Crucible, while others may be highly intelligent beings that have no allegiance to any group, race or house. The untamed value their freedom and generally retreat to the wilds where they can live uninterrupted and as themselves.

I hope this gives some insight to the rich and deep lore of Keyforge. Many thanks for reading.
Leigh Westwood.

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  • 8th November 2018 at 9:05 PM

    A good read Leigh. I hadn’t managed to read up of any lore to date and even think my ideal deck combination, will be more based on lore than I thought. Well, until we see how the play styles vary and the perfect synergy between certain houses in a deck.

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