Help Wanted…

Hi guys, we set up Keyforge Club to launch a community in this new exciting world of Keyforge.

With work commitments, children, social lives etc., we haven’t as yet been able to push what we wanted from our site and have focused a lot on our twitter page interacting with the community.

We are looking for one person, or even a hundred to join us and get involved in writing articles. In fact you will have probably seen the category “User Articles” on our home page. This was intended to allow people to express themselves and write about anything they want to Keyforge related.

We want to grow and I know with you guys writing about anything from local competitions, house reviews, deck analysis, explaining rules or even posting latest news with your views we can.

We have just successfully finished our first competition and I would love to approach other companies to run similar ones in the future to give you guys another reason to check us out.

Mike and I are currently exploring ideas like Twitch streaming our online games, the possibility of a podcast along with a hundred and one other things. We do have time constraints though as mentioned, which is why I write this.

If you are interested or have some free time and want to publish an article, drop me an email to discuss what you’re thinking about writing. If you have any ideas for us or any expertise in Twitch streaming or podcasts and want to offer advice, please do. If you want us to promote a Keyforge related product of yours and run a competition for you with us writing a review on your item(s), get in touch. Our reviews will be honest and constructive so please don’t request us to leave out the “cons”.

I appreciate your time reading this and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Daniel James

Avid Gamer

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