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It’s been a while since our last post and to be fair from what I see online, a lot of the Keyforge news pages don’t do a tonne of updates and articles anymore. With the Vault Tours happening around the global it has injected some life into the community and Mike and I are looking forward to the Birmingham Tour in May/June.

We still have plans to take over the Keyforge world with videos, articles, podcasts and streaming and today we are moving one step closer. On Sunday evening we did our first trial run stream and it went okay… We did have some teething issues as I suppose most people do when first streaming and we will learn as we are going. Tonight however, Mike has remembered to promote our live stream and this time he has included the link. I know…

We are planning doing as many streaming sessions as possible and will try stick to certain evenings, of which we will update the Twitch page with info but this regular schedule will likely happen from mid May when we both go back to working days.

Feel free to watch, leave a comment and ask questions. Excuse the language and I hope you enjoy the banter as we don’t take ourselves too seriously so say what you like.

Here’s a link to our channel and we will be kicking off in just under 30 minutes at 7:30pm UK time.

Link to Twitch


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  • 9th April 2019 at 9:08 PM

    Thanks all for watching… As I said teething problems for a first official stream. Turns out my mic was muted for like half the feed and you can just hear mike talking to himself. Great start! Anyway we had fun and look forward to you guys watching in the future.

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