About us

Hi guys and welcome to Keyforge.Club.

We are a UK based community set up for all things Keyforge. Currently we are underway in setting up the site and getting some articles up on here with launch day in mind. Based on our current experiences and first impressions, content is tailoring towards that. However, post launch we will be looking to expand on the site with in-depth discussions on tactics, decks, best combination of houses, as well as play styles and how they vary. If you can think of it we will surely try and cover it.

We are a small community but with high hopes we can make it grow. Please join us and register an account, post comments and if you would like to post an article and have it published on here, get in touch.

If you do come across any problems on here with errors or links not working, please get in touch.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope in the future I get a chance to read your articles.


Daniel James | Administrator | email: dan@keyforge.club